Week 8 Audiences and Institutions

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I am a digital shooter exclusively now and use Nikon DSLR’s a Nikon D850 with a D750 as a backup and for shoots where two bodies are more efficient. I haven’t shot with film since 1995 which was also a Nikon F301, but I never ventured into the world of self-processing rather sending away the films for processing. This is something I would like to have a try out at some point as I have a laboratory background from my early career it should, in theory be something I could pick up easily.

In the same vein I have never shot anything other than 35mm or the digital equivalent, I have never tried medium format and maybe that could be another form of experimentation for me going forward.

I must admit digital works for me I like the ability to not be restricted to 24 or 36 images and the ability see the image instantly. I am also fairly computer literate and find editing in Lightroom quick and easy although my photoshop skills are not great and improving them has been on my ‘to do list’ for the last two years!  

I am also a sucker for the latest tech, an avid Apple user and always keen to upgrade to the latest model of camera when the opportunity arises. Am I manipulated by the technology giants almost certainly although I have resisted moving to mirrorless much preferring the chunkier feel of a DSLR.

In terms of sharing work, I tend to use Facebook and Instagram which doesn’t always present the images in their best light due to the compression it uses, but for exposing my work to an audience it works well within a following of some 4000 on Facebook. 

I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and hope to gain my associate distinction when the assessment panel meets in 2 weeks’ time and will look to aim for Fellowship level at the end of this course. For me it will be a case of becoming more involved and getting my work to a wider audience. I have tried my local camera club but whilst I retain my membership the subjective nature of competition judging isn’t for me.

My key goal for this MA is to define what sort of photographer I really am and what my style is and to look to how I can use that to drive my commercial work as my style and unique selling point.

Image of the week this week is a stormy view of the sea and pleasure beach in Blackpool taken during a weekend stay there. 




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