Week 5 Interdisciplinary Practice

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This is one of those topics for me which I have never given much thought to during my photographic life and not something I actively think about or take inspiration from. I have said previously that I’m not a particularly artistic or creative person photographer for me was always a technical challenge not an artistic one. However, as I have look to expand and develop my understanding of photography and develop my personal style and creative approach then I do realise I need to broaden my horizons and to look at the wider artistic world. 

I’m not sure that I do take any inspiration from other art forms or creative media other than still photographs. I am a visual person and more of an oral communicator than a writer. Art has never really interested me, wandering round an art gallery would not be how I choose to spend my time, I will wander round a photographic exhibition but not paintings or sculptures, you are more likely to find me in the science museum or the natural history museum than the National gallery!

Outside of photography I have used the workflows, methods, and disciplines I have used and been exposed to during my consulting career. I’m a productivity improvement specialist and my workflows are defined to be as effective and efficient as possible to minimise the time they take to execute.  I am constantly refining these to improve them and make them more repeatable. 

Historically for me photography is a technical subject which is about mastering settings, lighting and composition followed by a chemical process or as it is in my case a software process. The appeals to my inner scientist and in theory produces a predictable output for a set of controlled inputs! I guess that this is what attracted me to photography initially as well as seeing David Baileys images of models and wanting to be him!

I also think that for me that technical approach produced an output that captured a scene, event, or person in as close to the image that you see as you take the shot. 

Image of the week this week is sunset over the transport bridge in Middlesbrough, taken on a business trip this week.



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