Phil Tugwell Photography: Blog en-us (C) Phil Tugwell Photography (Phil Tugwell Photography) Thu, 14 Oct 2021 07:59:00 GMT Thu, 14 Oct 2021 07:59:00 GMT Phil Tugwell Photography: Blog 120 120 Topic 1 Mirrors and Windows The topic for this first week was that common metaphor of photography being both a window on the world outside of our own environment (and experience) but also a mirror which projects itself on the sights and objects around us. 

For me I think historically I have always used my photography as a window on the world around me and have occasionally used windows to frame images such as the one below which was taken in 2021 at the abandoned Dinorwic Slate Quarry in Llanberis, North Wales. 

Part of my rationale for studying this program was to widen my understanding of photography and the mirror analogy is a good example for me of an alternative way of looking at the images that I produce especially as I move away from single images towards creating bodies of work which articulate a visual story. 

I am very much drawn to photographing people as I enjoy the interaction and building a repour with whoever I am photographing be that a brief encounter comprising a single image or a longer set of images for example from a fashion or music shoot. I have always considered that photographing people is about representing how they look and act and the context within which the image was taken.  I had never considered that the very act of taking a photograph of a person allow me the photographer to see them in a way that they don’t see themselves and never have or will. (Ibid:14 Topic 1 notes J Alexander). That brings a set of ethical and moral obligations onto the photographer.

An interesting question posed to be answered as part of this reflective post is “what is my motivation for Photography” which is a challenging and thought-provoking question and one that in my years of taking photographs I have never really considered! I like the technical challenge of taking images that are technically correct and appeal to an audience whether family and friends, followers on Facebook or Instagram or occasionally in publications. Is there a narrow focus of these images, not all they cover people, fashion and model images, documentary style images of people and events, transport (trains and traction engines!) and landscapes…animals especially big cats! Almost anything that isn’t inanimate (trains & traction engines have a personality!) but I do need to focus on a genre or subject and develop my creative and artistic story telling.

However to answer what is my motivation I think it is partly about being an inherent archivist and want to record things that I see and experience and partly to tell a story, I do the first well I think the second less so but its improving since setting out to (hopefully) gain my ARPS this year I’ve started to see the narrative in images and to be able to build a small but coherent body of work which tells a story! 


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Introduction Week 1 

The first week of any course is always a challenge and when that course is a challenging MA program in an academically strong University with a range of international students it is even more of a challenge.

Although I have studied at master’s level before it was in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and it was 20 years ago. I have no formal qualifications at any level in photography aside from a Licentiateship with the Royal Photographic society which was purely based on image submission. To be honest with a Batchelors in Management Science I have never studied any art subject since I dropped art at the end of the third year at Grammar School some 42 years ago!

However, I think (I’m told!) I’m a good photographer at least technically and from an image perspective-people like my images but I’ve never considered myself creative and have never looked at mine or other images in a critical manner, I know what I like and what images make me go wow, and I wish I had taken that but that was about as far as my critical analysis and opinion went.

For me, the MA is about developing me as a creative and an artist and identifying my style and what it is I want to achieve in photography and what I want to focus on in my practice. I’m a people orientated photographer, I like interaction and the chance to learn about the people I’m photographing. My main concerns are I good enough there are some talented students with a much deeper artistic grasp than me and given that I’m pretty much fully employed as a management Consultant and travel often will I have the time to give it the justice it deserves. Having said that I want to do it and I’m passionate about my photography and want to stretch and enhance my understanding of all aspects of photography.


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